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Smart contract audits & blockchain security solutions

Why customers choose us

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    Complex security audit with top-notch expert who dives deeply into your project
  • 2
    We provide a comprehensive check, including validation of your site, API, Git history, etc.
  • 3
    Step by step support from the start up to the release. Sniper Bot protection for IDO and DeFi launch
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    Yes, we do know Ocaml, Rust and C++/cmake and several other languages. Our reports are accepted by major crypto exchanges
  • 5
    Post-audit support to help verify that any issues found have been successfully resolved

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Didn't find your company here? Write to us or to your manager


Antisniper is a service designed to defend a cryptoproject at its launch. It allows the project to secure IDOs from malicious sniper-type attacks.

The Antisniper contract offers several methods of protection and provides the ability to configure various parameters and options according to your project needs.

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Our team of skilled professionals is experienced in auditing smart contracts developed in many languages. If you can't find your language in the list below, contact us, we most likely know it and can help you in securing your project.

WOW Summit 2022 winner

We are thrilled to announce Smart State got The Best Security Audit Company at WOW Summit 2022, Dubai. We appreciate being marked as the most competitive audit company in 2021.

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About us

Smart way to blockchain security

Incorporated in Dubai, Smart State has been launched in 2019.

The main focus of the company is to ensure safety of a complex smart contracts and to raise the overall level of development in the industry. From the very beginning, the crew of the Smart State team decided not to limit ourselves to the classic checklisted smartcontract audit and security review.

We dive into a desired business processes and correlation of it to the code base and also analyse the project's git, even in dynamics, and give effective recommendations for its improvement.

FOSS and DLT are now almost inseparable

This is a big step forward, but quality control of open source and DLT products is becoming more and more challenging.

A new generation of audit and quality assurance companies is required. That is why experienced software engineers, architects and designers created Smart State, next-gen Audit company. 

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