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United Arab Emirates

Incorporated in Dubai, Smart State was launched in 2019. The main focus of the company is to ensure the safety of complex smart contracts and to raise the overall level of development in the industry. From the very beginning, the crew of the Smart State team decided not to limit themselves to the classic checklisted smartcontract audit and security review.

Instead, we dive deeply into the examined company's business processes and their correlation with the code base and also analyse the project's git, even as it continues to evolve, to give effective recommendations for its improvement.

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Our achievements

We are thrilled to announce Smart State got The Best Security Audit Company at WOW Summit 2022, Dubai. We appreciate being marked as the most competitive audit company in 2021. The ceremony took place at Burj Khalifa on 16th March 2022.

WOW (World of Web3) summit connects global NFT and DeFi leaders with international businesses, government authorities, tech visionaries, investors, and developers. The World of Web3 Summit is gathering the global Blockchain ecosystem under one roof. This is the place to meet the best experts in DeFi, NFT and Blockchain development.

Our vision

We know that the Web3 world has so many opportunities to become more secure for projects and the community, thereby increasing benefits for everyone. 

This is how we participate in making Web3 secure:

- We work to protect any critical asset at any blockchain. 

- We dive into the code and logic and go together with development teams to mitigate any risks found. 

- We believe trust comes from the trustless world of crypto consensus. 

- We implement smart structural approaches to defeat any kind of threats: in code, tokenomics, KYC, etc.

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