Security Accelerator

Increase your project’s security level with expert support
Confidence in your project’s security is our mutual goal

The SmartState Security Accelerator is designed to ensure your crypto project security. For yourself, for your community, for your investors, for the desired exchanges and marketplaces, for the crypto industry.

SmartState provides a unique opportunity for blockchain projects to receive high quality, professional and comprehensive support in the field of project security from our top experts.

By joining the Security Accelerator, you gain:
Beneficial for your project at every stage

From the very ground up to post-release, Security Accelerator offers measurable benefits for each stage of the crypto / blockchain project development. 

Check out the topics examples for each stage that we are going to cover during acceleration.

  • Security by design in crypto / blockchain projects
  • Essential security information basis for the initial level
  • Key features of crypto / blockchain projects types
  • Network selection and comparison
  • Key products, tools and integrations for the network
  • Workplace setup, necessary and extra tools
  • Security basics for community interaction
  • Expert consulting if needed
  • Security tips from this level will help in later project stages
  • Previous stage evaluation
  • Best code practices
  • Bugs & hacks reviews information base
  • QA best practices and why do we need autotests
  • How to conduct documentation properly and why you need it
  • Types of security audits
  • Audit preparation and undergoing
  • What to prepare to save time & money on the audit
  • Expert consulting if needed
  • Previous stages evaluation
  • Applying project’s security to marketing and community growth
  • Code finalization
  • Documentation finalization
  • Autotests finalization
  • Git repository proper creation and setup
  • Preparing for a public Git repository
  • Pre-release stage audits selection
  • Project preparation for the validation
  • CEXes, DEXes, listing & delisting
  • What is marketmaking
  • Choosing an exchange for the launch
  • Launch day attacks and what to do about them
  • How to check the project performance
  • Expert consulting if needed
  • Previous stages evaluation
  • Project release best practices
  • Verification checklists
  • Dealing with release scam
  • How to expand project presence at exchanges
  • Audits for various exchanges
  • Recommended services for ensuring the website and product performance
  • Verifying community channels security
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting
  • Expert consulting if needed
  • Previous stages evaluation
  • Project evaluation using metrics
  • Pentests and durability testing
  • Post-release audits
  • Metrics-based listing / delisting, marketmaking
  • Further project development stages
  • Identifying the right time to expand project presence
  • Expert consulting if needed

Joining the Security Accelerator at the current stage of your project also gives you the opportunity to check and, if necessary, to improve security measures that you did not manage in the previous stages.

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