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SmartState is a blockchain security and smart contract audit company that provides services to help identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities in blockchain systems and smart contracts. Our services are intended to provide clients with the information and analysis necessary to make informed decisions about the security of their systems and contracts.

However, please note that while we strive to provide the most accurate and comprehensive analysis possible, we cannot guarantee that our services will detect all security risks and breaches. Our services are not a substitute for proper due diligence and security measures on the part of our clients and their employees.

Furthermore, SmartState is not liable for any losses, damages, or legal consequences that may arise as a result of security breaches or vulnerabilities in the blockchain systems and smart contracts we review. We recommend that all clients conduct their own independent research and analysis before engaging in any transactions, and to only use blockchain systems and smart contracts that have been thoroughly audited by qualified professionals. Regular checks and research greatly reduce the risk of security breaches and system vulnerabilities.

In addition, our services do not constitute legal, financial, or investment advice, and we are not responsible for any decisions made by our clients based on our analysis or recommendations. Clients are solely responsible for their own decisions and actions, and should seek professional advice as necessary.

Our articles and any information we provide do not constitute legal, financial or investment advice or course of action, and we are not responsible for any decisions based on our analysis or recommendations. All of your decisions should be based on your knowledge, experience and understanding of the security implications.

By using our services, clients acknowledge and accept these disclaimers and limitations of liability.

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