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Bitcoin Pizza Day
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Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitcoin Pizza Day is a holiday celebrated on May 22nd since 2010 and related to one of the most exciting episodes in cryptocurrency history. That day the first commercial purchase was made by means of Bitcoin.

It happened soon after a great financial Wall street crisis and spirits and expectations concerning the financial system were quite low. A Hungarian programmer from Florida, Laszlo Hanyecz, who was a crypto miner himself and kept in touch with Bitcoin Father, Satoshi Nakamoto, came up with an idea which sounded unusual. He put forward a proposal of 10.000 Bitcoin at the BitcoinTalk forum for a pizza delivery. However absurd nowadays, that time the proposal did not sound crazy as Bitcoin price was not so over-the-Moon. The idea was to use the coins as a common currency for a product purchase in real life.

It is interesting, that Hanyecz found a person, a programmer named Jeremy Sturdivant, who agreed to his proposal. The man ordered two pizzas at “Papa John’s” for just 41 USD and received 10.000 Bitcoin as a reward. It was the first purchase of real products for cryptocurrency.

Since then, May 22nd was honored as a milestone in Bitcoin economy history, highlighting the importance of cryptocurrency development (Bitcoin in particular) as a means of payment for household goods. Hardly anyone back in 2010 could predict the role Bitcoin is playing now in world finance, as well as the price explosion. As ‘Fidelity’ put it, May 22 is ‘A day in which we measure Bitcoin value in cheese, sauce and bread’.

Some people used to take Laszlo as a crazy freak, saying that he had to mine Bitcoins instead of spending them. However, this extremely expensive foodstuff gave a kick start for market development, and it is even believed by some that Bitcoin would have never earned a title of ‘digital gold’ if not for that strange deal. Owing to this, Laszlo became a world-famous crypto-angel.

But who was this man? He was one of the pioneering contributors to Bitcoin. He created a program which enabled fans to mine crypto with the help of computer graphic cards and was the first to develop and provide Bitcoin for Mac OS. His ‘business partner’ in the pizza deal is also a significant figure in the crypto world. He was very young in 2010 (just 19 years old). However, he did not become a millionaire as he spent his coins, being unaware of Bitcoin’s future take-off. He spent coins on goods and services but does not seem to regret it as his name is inscribed in crypto history forever.

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