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SmartState launches Security Accelerator for crypto & blockchain projects
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SmartState launches Security Accelerator for crypto & blockchain projects

We are thrilled to announce that SmartState has launched the Security Accelerator for crypto and blockchain projects. 

Supporting the idea of crypto mass adoption, SmartState focuses on raising the overall security level of the Web3 industry. 

SmartState Security Accelerator aims to make higher security level achievement easier for crypto & blockchain projects on every stage.

Confidence in your project’s security is our mutual goal

SmartState Security Accelerator is designed to increase the security level of crypto projects. 

Joining the Acceleration program provides a unique opportunity for blockchain projects to receive high quality, professional and comprehensive support in the field of project security from our top experts. 

Even more significant is the fact that Security Accelerator offers valuable benefits for crypto projects on every development stage: from initial up to post-release.

Measurable benefits

SmartState Security Accelerator's main goal is to provide the participants with the knowledge of highly effective, fully applicable Web3 security know-hows and insights along with measurable evaluation systems. 

Security Accelerator participation provides a better understanding of how to develop a crypto project with expert knowledge and Web3 security best practices.

Security Accelerator agenda

The amount of knowledge you’ll accumulate during the Acceleration program is completely practical and tremendously applicable.

Joining the Security Accelerator, you’ll get a better understanding of how to:

  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses of your project type
  • Compare networks and choose the one you need
  • Setup a workspace
  • Maintain documentation properly
  • Make a nice & shiny public Git repository
  • Monitor the project’s operation
  • Ensure your project’s performance
  • Deal with launch day attacks and release scams
  • Collect and use metrics for project evaluation
  • Choose and pass an audit for the desired exchange
  • Save your time & money on the audit
  • Use marketmaking in your strategy
  • Communicate with your community in a secure way
  • Apply your improved project’s security to your marketing and community growth strategy
  • Understand when it’s the right time to expand the project’s presence on crypto exchanges

… and this is only the beginning. More topics can be found at the Accelerator page.

In addition to the insider knowledge base, SmartState provides Acceleration program participants with unique internal security development tools.

Profitable results

Active participation in the Accelerator allows cryptoprojects to gain:

  • Boosted security
  • Expert support
  • Market confidence

Project security is one of the core success criteria in the Web3 industry. Secure projects can provide extra value and increased confidence to everyone in the crypto industry: project stakeholders & team, community, investors, exchanges and marketplaces. 

Acceleration roadmap: structure & flexibility

The Security Accelerator program roadmap is designed to cover cryptoproject security topics from the core basis up to sophisticated security subjects.

One of the SmartState Accelerator key benefits is that our acceleration roadmap architecture is designed in a highly structured manner. It provides the Security Accelerator participants with a top-level fully applicable cryptosecurity knowledge base composed in a clear way.

Another key value is enhanced flexibility of the Accelerator roadmap. Although the general  acceleration milestones are common, the acceleration roadmap for each project is built individually in accordance with technical requirements, stage and input requirements of the project team.

You can join the Security Accelerator at any stage of your project. The flexible design of our acceleration roadmap allows to check and, if necessary, to improve security measures that you did not manage in the previous stages.

Accelerator entry requirements

You can join SmartState Security Accelerator from the very beginning of your project. Your idea, starting team and social media channels of your project are the basis to get started.

What about the price?

So, how much does it cost to join the SmartState Security Accelerator? Joining our Аcceleration program is free. You can apply right now by submitting an application form on our website.

Security Accelerator application 

Applying for Accelerator is easy to do: all you need to do is to fill out the application form.

Join the Security Accelerator today and get a unique opportunity to increase the security level of your project and gain market confidence with expert support from the leading Web3 & blockchain security company. 

If you have a question about the Security Accelerator, let's get in touch: accelerator@smartstate.tech

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