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XP.network Report 29.11.2021

Smart State recently concluded the security audit of XP.network platform. We are pretty excited about what the team at XP.network is doing as we believe it will play a major role in bringing seamless interoperability to the blockchain world.

XP.network is an ecosystem centered around a multi-chain bridge for minted NFTs. It brings donw the barriers between blockchains, allowing NFTs to flow freely across networks. By connecting dApps, token minters, traders, and owners, XP.network is building the foundations for a single global NFT market.

The XP.network bridge solves the issues of the global NFT market, including liquidity, scalability, security and interoperability. The bridge makes it possible to transfer an NFT from one blockchain to another in seconds at a minimal cost. For example, an NFT minted on Avalanche can be sent to Ethereum and listed on OpenSea — something that hasn’t been possible until now.

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